CLARKSBURG, W.Va. – Every year, Nexstar Media Group, the parent company of WBOY-TV, sets out to make every community better as part of its nationwide Founder’s Day of Caring. This year, for our annual Founder’s Day of Caring, WBOY is partnering with United Way of Harrison and Doddridge counties Day of Action.

Founder’s Day of Caring is an annual event where company employees donate their time to help benefit the communities they serve. News stations across the country will be performing different community service acts as a part of the annual event.

United Way of Harrison and Doddridge Counties has teamed up with Clarksburg Community Action and the area municipalities and will be forming teams to clean up litter in the neighborhood on June 17— WBOY and Nexstar’s Founders Day of Caring as well as the United Way’s Day of Action.

WBOY employees will be out in the communities with these volunteers helping by pitching in and cleaning up too.

“Day of Action is something that United Way has done for several years. And historically, the way it has gone is that our partner agencies have submitted projects that they needed done, and then we would find volunteers to help with those projects,” said Aimee Comer, Fundraising and Community Development Director for United Way of Harrison and Doddridge Counties. “This year, we decided that our partner agencies, as well as United Way and our volunteers, we’d like to be out more into the community and to really make an impact on the community. So, that’s why we kind of got with Wayne Worth and Clarksburg Community Action and the municipalities and just decided to do this mass cleanup. One day of cleaning up Harrison and Doddridge counties.” 

The WBOY 12 News Team will be featuring information about some of the organization’s 18 partner agencies and how the funds raised go back to the community helping those in need. We’re asking the community to step up with us as well and volunteer their time and make monetary donations to United Way by scanning the QR code below.  

WBOY and Nexstar’s Day of Caring join forces with United Way of Harrison and Doddridge Counties Day of Action.

United Way of Harrison and Doddridge Counties is a nonprofit organization. Its mission is to improve the lives of the residents by rallying the caring power of the communities and working for the greater good. Its workers and volunteers also fight for the health, education and financial stability of every person in every community in Harrison and Doddridge counties. Its objective is to also fund the most effective and efficient agencies and programs that positively impact those three pillars of focus. 

“A lot of our partners are going to get the opportunity to speak to people who don’t know what they do. So, it will be a lot more of a community development and community outreach as well for them. If we see somebody that is out in the community that you know would require any kind of services, you know, we have our partner agencies there,” Comer said. “So, it’s almost like an outreach kind of thing as well. We’re treating it as an outreach as well to not only spread the word about United Way, what United Way does, what our partner agencies do, and you know, really get our volunteers and kind of rally our counties to get out and do something and to help out our community.”  

Comer said there are a lot of people in the counties who are very passionate about helping and volunteering in the communities within Harrison and Doddridge counties but might not know how to go about doing so. United Way representatives said they want to become that resource to get residents involved in the communities while making each county a better place to live. 

“We’re a staff of five, and we have two counties. We raise over $750,000 in direct funding. Every dollar that is donated to us goes right back into the community, right back to our partner agencies. And if it weren’t for our volunteers, we wouldn’t be able to accomplish what we do. We have some stellar volunteers,” Comer said.  

United Way said they’re always looking for more residents to step forward and offer their time to volunteer and help serve the needs of the communities.  

The agencies under the United Way of Harrison and Doddridge Counties are: 

  • American Red Cross NEWV Chapter 
    • United Way helps fund disaster relief in both Harrison and Doddridge Counties that provides direct financial assistance to victims. 
  • Bi-County Nutrition 
    • United Way contributes funds for the preparation and delivery of one hot meal per day to disabled and low-income adults.
  • Central West Virginia Community Action 
    • United Way funds them to support their rural transportation program services for low-income seniors, people with disabilities, and others. 
  • WorkAble Industries, Inc. 
    • United Way helps provide funding to the organization to help people with disabilities pursue personal independence through gainful employment and provides empowerment through its services.
  • Harrison County 4-H 
    • United Way provides funding for families who otherwise would not be able to go to their day camp and their summer camp where kids learn through those developmental programs.
  • Harrison County Court Appointed Special Advocates (CASA)
    • United Way helps them by providing funding to support their children’s services to ensure that children are not lost within an overburdened legal and social services systems, nor languish in inappropriate group or foster homes. 
  • Harrison County Child Advocacy Center 
    • United Way helps fund their forensic interviewer to conduct interviews of child victims of sexual assault and abuse, helps child victims of sexual abuse and their protecting caregivers navigate the legal system, and provides a family-friendly atmosphere for court-ordered supervised visitation.
  • Harrison County YMCA 
    • United Way helps fund swim lessons and after-school activities building healthy spirits, minds, and bodies for all.
  • Health Access, Inc. 
    • United Way helps by providing funding to them for uninsured and underinsured people in both Harrison and Doddridge Counties ensuring that residents have access to health care. 
  • Legal Aid of West Virginia, Inc. (Clarksburg Unit) 
    • United Way helps fund an attorney to represent domestic violence cases.
  • Literacy Volunteers of Harrison County 
    • United Way helps provide funding for their tutoring English as a Second Language Classes. 
  • Nazareth Farm 
    • United Way helps provide funding so that Nazareth Farms can help people who need repairs made to their homes in both Harrison and Doddridge Counties.
  • Stars and Strides Therapeutic Equine Center 
    • United Way helps provide funding so that people with cognitive and physical disabilities can utilize that service.  
  • Hope, Inc. Domestic Violence Task Force 
    • United Way helps fund their emergency shelter and their education prevention services programs. 
  • The Change Initiative Phoenix Recovery House 
    • United Way provides funding to help provide housing to women who have gone through a 28-day sobriety recovery program.  
  • Family Services of Harrison and Marion Counties 
    • United Way helps fund them so that they can provide counseling and in-home services.   
  • Healthy Grand Families 
    • United Way helps provide funding for a counselor who connects these families to community resources and provides case management services.  
  • Susan Dew Hoff Memorial Clinic 
    • United Way helps provide funding for dental care services to adults who cannot afford to visit a dentist. 

United Way said these agencies are on the front lines of what has either gone wrong or has the potential to go wrong in the communities. Also when a person is a United Way of Harrison and Doddridge County donor all of the donations given go directly to the local agencies that are making a difference in trying to prevent or reacting to some of the worst things that have happened within the communities.  

“When you give to United Way you’re helping your neighbor or a family member and you might not even realize it,” Comer said. “Every person in our community has been touched in some way by one of our 18 partners and when you give to United Way that’s Who you’re giving to, your giving to your friends and your neighbors.”  

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