The Division I Council has made a move towards allowing student-athletes to benefit from their name, image and likeness after recommending guidelines to the Division I Board of Directors.

The recommendation is to adopt an interim policy to “suspend amateurism rules” related to NIL, signaling a massive shift in the NCAA’s thinking regarding student-athlete rights. The goal of these latest guidelines is to allow student-athletes to explore NIL activities, while still prohibiting pay-for-play in college sports landscape.

The guidelines are, as written by the Division I Council:

  • College athletes can engage in NIL activities that are consistent with the law of the state where the school is located. Colleges and universities are responsible for determining whether those activities are consistent with state law. 
  • Student-athletes who attend a school in a state without a NIL law can engage in this type of activity without violating NCAA rules related to name, image and likeness.
  • College athletes can use a professional services provider for NIL activities.
  • Student-athletes should report NIL activities consistent with state law or school and conference requirements to their school.

Currently, West Virginia does not have any state laws related to NIL rights for student-athletes.

The Division I Board of Directors is scheduled to review this proposal Wednesday. New NIL laws will take effect Thursday in eight states.