As the starting quarterback, it’s crucial for Jarret Doege to form relationships with the offensive line, pass-catchers, and running backs. For those last two groups mentioned, it’s mostly familiar faces that have been in the program with Doege over the past two seasons. Now, the same can’t exactly be said for the guys upfront as they do welcome some newcomers, but new doesn’t mean unfamiliar.

“With the linemen, I’ve had relationships with a lot of them, but then you know Doug Nester came in and he’s actually one of my roommates now,” Doege said. “Zach Frazier and Nester are both my roommates so I have a really good relationship with the o-line.”

Receiver Graeson Malashevich is the fourth roommate, so that makes three homegrown Mountaineers living with a quarterback that grew up in Lubbock, Texas.

“All of our leases were coming up, so we were looking for a house,” Doege said. “We all became really good friends and then got a house together.”

Doege, Malashevich and Frazier were all teammates last season, so it was Nester that was the new guy. However, he says Doege made him feel anything but.

“When I first moved up here, Doege was one of the guys that helped me move in because I originally moved in with Graeson to an apartment,” Nester said. “So, with helping me move, he was one of the first ones I’ve met up here.”

And of course, his relationship with Frazier blossomed right away for the obvious reason.

“I’ve gotten along with him ever since I’ve got up here because, you know, he’s the starting center and getting to play beside him,” Nester said.

While the relationships between the four roommates were established on the gridiron, they really formed into something deeper on another playing surface.

“Our main thing is we would all go golf together pretty much every day during the summer, so we built a good relationship doing that,” Nester said. “Then just decided we should all get a house together from there.”

According to the transfer from Virginia Tech, Doege is the most consistent golfer while he’s the one that can hit it the furthest. He did say that Frazier was pretty good as well, but no scouting report was givene on Malashevich. There is no video evidence to back up any of these claims, but one thing is for certain, you can tell by looking at the picture of the four on the links that they spend a lot of time together — they are the ones in the matching shirts (that they claim to be unplanned).

So, Nester and Malashevich were the two roommates first, but the ties between the two go back way further than their time as Mountaineers. Both went to Spring Valley High School and their love for the game brought them together at a very young age.

“We’ve been best friends since we’ve been six or seven years old, ever since we started playing football,” Nester said of his relationship with Malashevich. “His dad was my head coach all through youth league and helped coach at the high school, so his family is basically my family. We’ve grown up together ever since I’ve moved down there.”

They may be in the same city once again, but they — and their other two roommates — are learning a lot more about each other as the days go by.

“Graeson doesn’t do the dishes,” Doege said. “All of them cook. Frazier is the steak cook. Graeson is the chicken guy and the veggies guy. Then we bought a Pit Boss and I kind of learned how to smoke ribs and stuff, so we switch it up every now and then.”

What about Nester’s cooking skills?

“He’s just the eater,” Doege answered.

Of course, the big guy disputed that claim minutes later.

“Oh, I can cook,” Nester said. “They just always take over the grill so they never let me touch it.”

But he did make sure to own his title of the resident taste tester in the house, too.

“Oh, I can eat,” he said.

Doege, Frazier, Nester, and Malashevich live in a house across the street from Milan Puskar Stadium, so it’s very likely that you will see the members of the WVU offense traveling in a pack. It’s also very likely there is a lot of fun that goes on in that house, and hopefully, they bring it to the field come September.