MORGANTOWN, W.Va. — Seven practices into fall camp, West Virginia’s starting quarterback battle rages on. Junior Garrett Greene and redshirt freshman Nicco Marchiol continue to split first-team reps in practice.

While Brown gave his latest analysis on the quarterbacks, it seems he and the staff are no closer to making a decision.

“When we’re going to name a starter, I don’t really have an answer for you,” said Brown. “I know you all don’t really like that, but I don’t really have an answer for that. But, we’re continuing … they’re each getting reps.”

The fifth-year head coach went into the most detail Wednesday on Marchiol. According to Brown, the second-year quarterback bounced back from a treacherous start to his day on Tuesday.

“Yesterday, about halfway through practice, was probably as poor of decision-making as he’s made,” said Brown. “And he was able to correct it, which I think is a sign of mental toughness.”

According to Brown, Marchiol followed up his stretch of poor decisions by moving the offensive via an explosive play on four of the next six snaps.

“To see him kind of take an a** chewing, and be able to bounce back and answer, I was really encouraged with that,” Brown said.

Marchiol’s bounce-back continued in practice Wednesday. After a slow start, the Arizona native made what were characterized as two big-time plays in the red zone, which encouraged Brown.

“We’ve got to clean up some of those decisions, but [I’m] encouraged with how he handled adversity, because as coaches, you try to create that,” said Brown, “that kind of happened naturally yesterday, but you try to create it.”

Greene, who started each of the last two games a season ago, once again showed what he can do with his legs in practice Wednesday. Brown said he had multiple big runs during a team period. But he’s not just getting it done with his legs.

“He made really a tight throw down in the red zone,” added the head coach.

Greene and Marchiol will get their first opportunities to lead the offense in a game-like setting this fall on Saturday, when WVU holds its first intrasquad scrimmage of fall camp.