MORGANTOWN, W.Va. – The WVU men’s basketball season opener is officially underway at the WVU Coliseum.

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Follow along below for live updates of WVU-Missouri State:


FINAL: WVU wins 67-59.

0:30: Slazinski layup and Harris dunk give WVU a pair of daggers. 65-59 Mountaineers with 13 seconds left.

0:45: Missouri State will not go away. Edwards and Johnson secure layups to give WVU a two-score lead, but the Bears are now within two after a three-pointer. Both teams have scored on their last three possessions each. WVU leads 61-59. Seth Wilson limps off the court.

2:19: Missouri State hits a three to cut the WVU lead to 57-54.

4:11: Now Kobe Johnson hits a three of his own, but that play is under review to see if he got it off before the shot clock expired. No basket is called. Still 57-49. WVU only has two turnovers in the second half.

4:43: No flagrant is called, but the Bears drill a three-pointer. WVU leads 57-49.

5:05: 57-46 Mountaineers. An offensive foul on Naveh is under review for a flagrant.

7:46: At the under-eight timeout, WVU is up 52-46. Pat Suemnick recorded a pair of layups during the last four-minute sequence.

9:13: The Mountaineers lead 49-43.

11:43: Same score for the under-12 timeout. It will be MSU ball after a held-ball.

12:45: Back-to-back-to-back threes from Naveh, Edwards and Wilson give WVU a 47-40 lead, and MSU calls a timeout.

15:19: The Bears tie it up with a three-pointer, but Slazinski (13 points) nails a mid-range jumper for the 38-36 WVU lead.

17:00: Baskets from Johnson and Edwards tie the game at 33-33. Slazinski adds a wide-open three-ball and MSU calls a timeout. WVU back on top 36-33. The Mountaineers are 5-for-5 to start the half.

19:16: Seth Wilson opens the half with a three-pointer, but MSU responds with one of its own. Wilson adds a layup and its 33-29 MSU.


HALF: Missouri State leads 30-24. No made field goals for WVU in the final 14:07 of the half. Edwards leads WVU scorers with 9 points and 7 rebounds. WVU shot 4-for-32 from the field (13%) in the first half, and missed its final 21 shots.

2:34: Timeout Missouri State. The Bears are up 25-20. Latest WVU points came from Josiah Harris at the free-throw line.

3:44: Bad basketball is being played in Morgantown. The Bears are holding a 24-18 advantage at the under-four timeout. WVU has scored only three points in the last 10:20 of play, and all three came via the free throw.

6:29: Missouri State leads 20-17. WVU hasn’t made a field goal since the 14:07 mark.

8:04: Josh Eilert calls his first timeout after Missouri State continues its run. The Mountaineers only get two points (Slazinski free throws) during the last three-minute sequence. Missouri State now leads 19-17.

11:24: WVU plays its ugliest sequence of basketball with Edwards out. A couple bad shot selections and a turnover lead to a 6-0 Missouri State run before the under-12 timeout. Mountaineers lead 15-10. Edwards leads all scorers with seven points.

14:07: Basket and the foul for Edwards, who completes the three-point play. 15-4 WVU. First man off the bench for WVU is Ofri Naveh.

14:39: WVU leads 12-4, and the Mountaineers go into the under-16 timeout on a 7-0 run with baskets from Jesse Edwards, Kobe Johnson and a three-ball from Josiah Harris.

17:23: WVU leads 3-2. No field goals yet for the Mountaineers. All three points coming via Slazinski free throws.

20:00: Mountaineers win the tip, and we’re off.

PREGAME: As expected, the starting lineup reads:

  • G – Kobe Johnson
  • G – Seth Wilson
  • F – Josiah Harris
  • F – Quinn Slazinski
  • C- Jesse Edwards