Nineteen players from eight Big 12 schools were drafted on the second day of the 2021 MLB Draft. Through the first 10 rounds, 21 Big 12 student-athletes have been selected.

Texas Tech led the way with seven selections in the second to 10th rounds followed by Oklahoma with three. K-State, Texas and West Virginia each had two selections, while Baylor, TCU and Oklahoma State had one.

TCU’s Russell Smith was the first selection at 51st in the second round by Milwaukee. Four Big 12 standouts were selected in the fourth round: TTU’s Cal Conley (Atlanta, 126th), OSU’s Edwin

Encarnacion-Strand (Minnesota, 128th), WVU’s Jackson Wolf (San Diego, 129th) and TTU’s Dru Baker (Tampa Bay, 130th).

Baylor catcher Andy Thomas was drafted in the fifth round by Seattle at 144th and Oklahoma first baseman Tyler Hardman was the 153rd selection by the New York Yankees.

Four more Big 12 standouts earned selections in the sixth round: TTU C Braxton Fulford (Colorado, 170th), K-State RHP Carson Symour (New York Mets, 172nd), WVU RHP Ryan Bergert (San Diego, 190th) and TTU LHP Mason Montgomery (Tampa Bay, 191st).

Sooner right-handed pitcher Wyatt Olds was taken at 196 by Boston, while Red Raider right-hander Ryan Sublette was drafted 222nd by the Los Angeles Dodgers.

Another quartet was selected in the eighth round: TTU RHP Hunter Dobbins (Boston, 226th), OU RHP Jason Ruffcorn (Philadelphia, 235th), TTU LHP Patrick Monteverde (Miami, 239th) and UT OF Mike Antico (St. Louis, 241st).

To round out the top-10 rounds, Texas’ Cole Quintanilla was drafted 263rd overall by Washington in the ninth round and K-State’s Zach Kokoska was picked at 290th by Colorado.

The Draft concludes with rounds 11-20 on Tuesday, starting at 11 a.m. CT. Monday and Tuesday’s coverage will be available at

2021 MLB Draft Selections (Big 12 players)

First Round
21st – Chicago Cubs: LHP Jordan Wicks, K-State

Competitive Balance A Round
32nd – Detroit Tigers: RHP Ty Madden, Texas

Second Round
51st – Milwaukee Brewers: LHP Russell Smith, TCU

Fourth Round
126th – Atlanta Braves: SS Cal Conley, Texas Tech
128th – Minnesota Twins: 3B Edwin Encarnacion-Strand, Oklahoma State
129th – San Diego Padres: LHP Jackson Wolf, West Virginia
130th – Tampa Bay Rays: 3B Dru Baker, Texas Tech

Fifth Round
144th – Seattle Mariners: C Andy Thomas, Baylor
153rd – New York Yankees: 1B Tyler Hardman, Oklahoma

Sixth Round
170th – Colorado Rockies: C Braxton Fulford, Texas Tech
172nd – New York Mets: RHP Carson Seymour, K-State
190th – San Diego Padres: RHP Ryan Berget, West Virginia
191st – Tampa Bay Rays: LHP Mason Montgomery, Texas Tech

Seventh Round
196th – Boston Red Sox: RHP Wyatt Olds, Oklahoma
222nd – Los Angeles Dodgers: RHP Ryan Sublette, Texas Tech

Eighth Round
226th – Boston Red Sox: RHP: Hunter Dobbins, Texas Tech
235th – Philadelphia Phillies: RHP Jason Ruffcorn, Oklahoma
239th – Miami Marlins: LHP Patrick Monteverde, Texas Tech
241st – St. Louis Cardinals: OF Mike Antico, Texas

Ninth Round
263rd – Washington Nationals: RHP Cole Quintanilla, Texas

10th Round
290th – Colorado Rockies: OF Zach Kokoska, K-State