MORGANTOWN, W.Va. — The NCAA’s first-time transfer exemption is now officially official. 

Following an announcement from the Division I Board of Directors, this rule, which allows student-athletes to compete immediately after their first transfer to another school, now applies to all athletes in all sports.

With this rule in effect, any first-time transfer will be immediately eligible to compete during the 2021-22 academic year. Any student-athletes who previously transferred must apply for a waiver. 

Previously, athletes who sought a graduate transfer — defined has a student who earned a degree from one institution, but could transfer to use any remaining eligibility at another institution while earning a postgraduate degree — were also permitted to compete immediately. That will still be the case under this new rule if the athlete is a first-time transfer; however, a graduate transfer with previous transfer history must complete a waiver process to transfer again, according to the NCAA

Athletes who intend to transfer using this one-time exemption before the 2021-22 academic year must notify their institution before July 1. In the future, the deadlines for fall and winter sport athletes will be May 1, and the deadline for spring sport athletes will be July 1.