The NCAA Division I Council continues to discuss proposed changes to transfer rules this week. The Council met Wednesday, and among the conversation topics were changes initially reviewed in July.

According to a release by the NCAA, the Council is considering an academic eligibility exception. This would allow student-athletes to immediately be eligible for competition after transferring if they, A) leave their previous school academically eligible and in good standing, and B) will be academically eligible at their new school before competing.

Another thing that the Council is considering, and continues to show support for, is a transfer window. Council members are said to have committed to reviewing the timing and duration of the transfer windows moving forward.

According to the release, the proposed transfer rules package includes a 60-day window for student-athletes to notify their school of their intent to transfer.

Under this proposal, student-athletes who compete in a winter or spring sport need to provide “written notification of transfer” within a 60 calendar day window, beginning the day after NCAA championship selections.

However, athletes participating in fall sports would be granted two windows totaling 60 days. The first window would last 45 days, and also start the day following championship selection. The second window, according to the release, would be from May 1-15.

For example, college basketball players’ 60-day window would begin on the Monday following Selection Sunday, which typically falls in mid-March. College baseball players’ 60-day window would start on the Tuesday following Selection Monday, which typically happens in late May.

Under the proposal, college football’s first transfer window would begin in late November, or early December, depending on the year.

It should be noted that the 60-day window, as currently stated, only relates to an athlete notifying his or her current school that he/she intends to transfer. The student-athlete can announce his/her new destination outside of that 60-day window.

Head coaches across the country, including West Virginia’s Neal Brown, have voiced their approvals of a transfer window over the past year.

The Council also introduced three proposals that would make multiple changes to the infractions process.

The Division I Board of Directors will meet on August 31 to consider the transfer portal and infractions process changes for final adoption, according to the release.