MORGANTOWN, W.Va. – Chad Scott has coached from the sideline since arriving at West Virginia.

As the running backs coach, he is the first to greet the member of his position group following a big play or touchdown.

He doesn’t just wait for them to come off the field and share a high five or chest bump. He runs down the sideline with them.

If they pop off a big run, it’s likely you’ll see him doing the same down the sideline. When it’s time to celebrate, he often jumps higher in the air than the players do.

He’s even been known to go the distance when someone breaks off a big return on special teams, too. That’s who he is. That’s the energy that Scott brings to the sideline every game.

When he was promoted to offensive coordinator in January, there were questions surrounding where Scott would coach from in his new role as the OC is usually seated in the coach’s box high above the field on game day.

Scott was asked if he had a preference and it should come as no surprise that his response was “I need to be on the field.”

The guys in his room agree.

“We need that,” redshirt junior running back Tony Mathis said.

It seems the head coach realizes that, too.

“He’s got a positivity and energy level that the guys appreciate. His best service to the team on game day is to for sure be on the field just because he’s such an energy guy. They feed off him,” Brown said. “He does a great job with the guys 1-on-1 when they have adversity.”

Scott and quarterbacks coach Sean Reagan split the play-calling duties for the Gold-Blue spring game last week.

According to Brown, Reagan will be the one up in the coach’s box while Scott remains on the field on game day.