More than a decade after leaving Morgantown, former West Virginia kicker Pat McAfee remains one of the biggest fan favorites to wear the Old Gold and Blue.

He solidified that status on Thursday, when he announced in a video that he and his show would donate $1 million to WVU Medicine Children’s as part of a massive reported $30 million-per-year deal the Pat McAfee Show made with FanDuel.

McAfee recalled his playing days in Morgantown from 2005-2008, as he is especially fond of his time with Coach Bill Stewart.

“There was this place in Morgantown, West Virginia where I learned what it felt like to serve the community. Bill Stewart was a man who was one of my coaches, rest in peace…he was always big on ‘Give back to the community!” McAfee said in the video. “So there’s this children’s hospital directly across the street from Milan Puskar Stadium where players would get to go over there and interact with kids that were much tougher than all of us.

“It was the first place where I ever felt what it was like to serve the community,” he continued. “So we’ve gotta give them a million dollars.”

In addition to WVU Medicine Children’s, McAfee is donating $1 million each to the Peyton Manning Children’s Hospital and the Robert Mathis Original Gridiron Gang, which allows underprivileged children to attend football camps. Both charities come from McAfee’s former teammates.

Finally, he will be donating almost $3 million to local athletics in his hometown of Plum, Pa., including a $2 million donation to Plum High, his alma mater.

“When you get too much money, like quarterback money, what…do you do with it?” McAfee said. “What do you do? There’s a lot of time with my wife, a lot of time with my friends….It’s time to give back, baby.”

Watch his full announcement here — but warning, there is some NSFW language.