Takeaways from Backyard Brawl loss vs. Pitt The Gold and Blue Nation Podcast

The 105th Backyard Brawl was an unforgettable occasion, even though the end result is one most Mountaineer fans will want to wipe from their memory. Hosts Nick Farrell and Anjelica Trinone share their thoughts on the 38-31 loss to Pitt, and explain why they remain optimistic about Neal Brown's football team. 

Imagine this nightmare scenario: after your favorite team loses to its most hated rival in heartbreaking fashion, you leave the stadium to get to your hotel. Only, there’s no way to get to your hotel.

That’s what happened to WVU fan Michael Angelucci, who posted about his experience on Facebook. He and his friend, Keith, were trying to find a way to their hotel after last night’s Backyard Brawl, which he wrote was about 10 miles outside of Pittsburgh. The duo was stranded, unable to find any kind of taxi, ride-sharing service or public transportation to take them to their bed.

“We kept walking thinking the further we got away from the stadium the better our chance was to get an Uber,” Angelucci wrote. “It was the worst experience.”

Then, he said about an hour and three stops later, former WVU basketball star John Flowers appeared. Flowers was also in Pittsburgh for the game and offered the two fans a lift back to their hotel.

“Our hero!” Angelucci said. “He went completely out of his way to get us back to our hotel. He said, ‘always have to help my fellow Mountaineers!'”

The fans and the former player reminisced about better times in WVU sports history. At one point, Angelucci asked Flowers what his favorite memory was as a Mountaineer.

“He said, ‘Man, going to the Final Four and representing Coach [Huggins],'” Angelucci wrote. “That’s true West Virginia values right there.”