MORGANTOWN, W.Va. (WBOY) — Now that classes have started at West Virginia University, football—and the pregaming that comes with it—is the next thing on everyone’s mind.

On Sept. 10, the WVU Mountaineers will have their first home game for the 2022 season against Kansas, but many fans are looking forward to more than just the Gold Rush game.

Bookies compiled a list of the best Big 12 pregame schools based on stadium access, tailgating, other entertainment, and family sentiment. West Virginia University was in the top five for overall game experience but was ranked best in the conference for tailgating, according to the study.

The Bookies ranking pointed out that while Morgantown doesn’t have a central entertainment district and that restaurants are generally several miles from the stadiums, the Blue Lot tailgate makes up for it, saying that it “is up there with any of the top spots in the country.”

The best overall school was Oklahoma, followed by Texas, Kansas State and Texas Tech, then WVU.

West Virginia received the highest score for tailgating, 10 out of 10, and received a seven out of 10 for family friendliness. Overall, WVU’s score was 24 out of a possible 40. The Mountaineers were given only a three out of 10 for entertainment.

Best overall Oklahoma scored 31 overall, nines in location and entertainment. Texas scored 10s in both location and entertainment, but only received a four for family sentiment.

The worst-ranked school, Iowa State, scored only seven points total—one out of 10 in location, entertainment and family sentiment, and four out of 10 in tailgating.

To see the full ranking in each category, click here.