Even at the most prestigious golf club, kids say the darndest things. We checked in on the little caddies and talked to the little patrons and asked what they think of the Masters. 

Par three day is arguably the loudest one at the Masters… the most enthusiastic cheers– not for the pros– but for the little caddies. 

Away from the par three course, silence is usually what rolls through these hills, but this year… the sound of the sub air systems cuts through the stillness as they suck water off the grass from multiple days of rain. 

Wednesday could also could be nicknamed family day since many of the pros have adorable little caddies for the par three contest. And many adorable little patrons show up as well. 

Ashley Osborne/ Reporter: What do you like most about golf. 
Little Patron: Um, golfing. 
Ashley Osborne/ Reporter: What was the most fun part about today? 
Little Patron: I got a teddy bear and a hat. 

Ashley Osborne/ Reporter: The whole laney family likes golf. 

Little Patron: My great grandpa he went here last year and he really wanted to come. It was like his lifetime goal. 
Little Patron: My dad came two times. 

Ashley Osborne/ Reporter: Your dad came two times? Do you think you’ll get to come back?

Little Patron: Yes

Ashley Osborne/ Reporter: Did you want to come out here today or did they make you? 
Little Patron: They made me. 

Ashley Osborne/ Reporter: His brother wanted to come see phil, but didn’t know he signed up for so many hills. 

Ashley Osborne/ Reporter: How you doing on these hills? You tired? 
Little Patron: Yes, I’m tired. 

Ashley Osborne/ Reporter: This little one scored a ride and a snack so she’s doing just fine. one of the kids favorite spots– the autograph stop. 

Ashley Osborne/ Reporter: You got any good tips? 
Little Patron: Just say good luck. 
Ashley Osborne/ Reporter: How much do you like golf and why? 
Little Patron: A lot because Ricky Fowler inspired me to play it. 

Ashley Osborne/ Reporter: and he has quite the collection. 

Ashley Osborne/ Reporter: Have you gotten Ricky’s no, not yet. 
Little Patron: How long you planning on waiting. 
Ashley Osborne/ Reporter: Is that what you’re waiting for. 
Little Patron: Yes ma’am. 
Ashley Osborne/ Reporter: How long you planning on waiting? 
Little Patron: I don’t know. 
Ashley Osborne/ Reporter: As long as it takes? 
Little Patron: Yes ma’am. 

Ashley Osborne/ reporter: Gotta love the determination.