AUGUSTA, Ga. (WJBF) – We could see some rain slick streets Monday. Will that put a damper on the day’s practice round?

It is muggy! Hot sun, dense wet air and soggy grass. 

But it could be worse! At least there’s no rain…not yet at least.

It was crowded here for the morning. We talked to patrons who showed up earlier than they originally planned because of the threat of bad weather in the afternoon. 

We saw some prepared with rain jackets and umbrellas. Others…

“I’ve never been here before,” said Marc, a patron from Florida. “I grew up in Georgia, live in Florida now. I’ve never been to the Masters.” 

“So a little rain won’t scare you away?”

“A little rain won’t scare me away,” said Marc. “I am here rain or shine.”

He had a rain jacket and an umbrella but there are some with nothing. So they might be hitting up the gift shop for a Masters green umbrella later this afternoon. 

That gift shop was new last year. What is new out at Augusta National this year? 

A big change on the course that impacts patrons is that they’ve moved the tee box back on the fifth hole making it a long drive. 

And last year, the four green and the five tee were so close together that patrons could not walk in between. But now they can. Which means a better view of those putting on four.