AUGUSTA, Ga. (WJBF) — Saturday at the Masters is moving day and while the pros hope to move up on the leaderboard… junior patrons move about the course. 

Ashley Osborne: These junior patrons. 

I got the answer.

Ashley Osborne: Not tallying golf scores 

You got it Ryan? Everybody got it down?

Ashley Osborne: But the cost of lunch

Total– four dollars and fifty cents. 

Ashley Osborne: Emerson Finch on the masters scavenger hunt too.  

Ashley Osborne: Can you tell me what a scavenger hunt is? 

Emerson Finch/ Junior Patron: You get to find eagle and flags. 

Ashley Osborne: How are you here at The Masters? 

Emerson Finch/ Junior Patron: I have a Junior Pass. 

Elliott Woodward/ Patron: And as part of that free pass, there’s a scavenger hunt. 

Ashley Osborne: Her grandad helped her fill out the junior pass passport. 

Ashley Osborne: What are you most looking forward to seeing here today? 

Emerson Finch/ Junior Patron: Eagle. 

Did you see the Eagle statue when you walked in? 
Emerson Finch/ Junior Patron: Yes 

And did you write it down in your book? 
Emerson Finch/ Junior Patron: Yes.

Ashley Osborne: Why’d you write 19. 
Emerson Finch/ Junior Patron: Because there were 19 flags. 

Ashley Osborne: On top of the leader board. Do you know what those flags are? 
Emerson Finch/ Junior Patron: They’re for different states. 

Ashley Osborne: Close, different countries. You were super close though. 

Elliott Woodward/ Patron: The youth learn about the course and about the tournament, about the history. 

Elliott Woodward/ Patron: And then we found out which year Arnold Palmer first won The Masters. What year was that? 
Emerson Finch/ Junior Patron: 1958. 
Elliott Woodward/ Patron: 1958, exactly. 

Ashley Osborne: And she is very engaged. I mean, she knows the answers. She’s doing things. How proud does that make you? 

Elliott Woodward/ Patron: Oh it’s a splendid thrill for me. Just to see her get so excited and of course she was so anxious this morning. We were at home and it was raining and she was just so anxious to leave home. 

Ashley Osborne: Do you think you win anything if you everything? 

Emerson Finch/ Junior Patron: Yes

Ashley Osborne: You do! What do you win? 
Emerson Finch/ Junior Patron: I don’t know. 

Ashley Osborne: The week before this, there was a women’s tournament. Now little ones like her have the chance to maybe play out here one day. What does that mean for you as a grandfather of little granddaughters? 

Elliott Woodward/ Patron: Well I have 4 granddaughters and a grandson. It’s extra special for me with so many young girls in my family with the prospects of women one day playing on this course. 

Ashley Osborne: And little Emerson’s already planning her champions dinner. 

Elliott Woodward/ Patron: What’s the entre going to be? 
Emerson Finch/ Junior Patron: Steak. 
Elliott Woodward/ Patron: Alright, Steak for the entre. And what kind of sides are we having? 
Emerson Finch/ Junior Patron: French fries. 
Elliott Woodward/ Patron: French fries, great.