There are a few staples at Augusta National and pimento cheese sandwiches are one of them. 

We bring you an interesting twist to a story we tell you year after year. We put people to the test to see how well they know the ingredients in the sandwich they love so much. They’re simple, but do people know them? 

Can you guess the top five ingredients in a pimento cheese sandwich. 

“I cannot tell ya. Pimentos, cheese, bread and then there’s two more” said a patron.  

He was pretty close, and so was Angie Greenwald. 

“Cheddar cheese, uh pimento, which is peppers, probably some salt, maybe mayonnaise, and how about butter.”

She likes pimento cheese sandwiches so much… she’s got em on her shirt. 

“Where did you get that shirt?”

“Downtown Augusta.”

“And when you wear this to the Masters, how many people you think stop you about that shirt?”

“At least 10 times every time I wear it” 

And now she can tell them what it takes to make one.  




“oh good” 

Cream cheese, 

“There you go” 


“They’re good. You gotta have one” 

And most having one got the obvious ingredient… 

“Cheese, obviously, I have no clue what else is in there.” 

“Cheese, milk, pimento beans”

This little guy had no idea. 

“Um cheese?” 

“What else maybe.” 

But listen to his mom in the background… 

“Pimento. Say it!” 


“Maybe a little bit of mayonnaise.” 

This patron says she’s probably had 15 pimento cheese sandwiches in her lifetime…but not all from the Masters.

How does this one compare to the others? 

“A lot better.” 

Others trusted the rumors.

Why’d you chose those? 

“I just heard they were really good. I haven’t had them yet so going to find out.” 

And at only $1.50 it’s worth finding out. 

“There doing something right if people are going to come from thousands of miles away to get one right?”