FAIRMONT, W.Va. – This week’s Healthcare Hero is Cherie Moore, the House Supervisor at WVU Medicine’s Fairmont Medical Center. 

Moore decided to go into healthcare in high school with two of her friends. She said she always thought she would be a teacher, but as she thinks back, she feels a career in the healthcare field was a very good choice for her. Several of her family members have a history of working in healthcare, including her mother who was a nurse.  

“I am glad that this is what I chose because honestly, I really feel dedicated to the position,” Moore said.  

Moore’s favorite part of the job is seeing someone be discharged after they’ve beaten sickness.  

She said in the beginning COVID was tough, but as they progressed and were able to help patients, it was easy to see them get better.   

She’s been with WVU Medicine’s Fairmont Medical Center since they’ve opened in June of 2020. Before that she worked at Fairmont Regional Medical Center for 28 years.  

“You kind of meet people and you’ve either taken care of their family or they’ve been patients,” Moore said. “So, when they come in and they see you, you know, it kind of makes them feel a little more comfortable. I like the community feel; I think that it’s very important that we’re here, you know, to provide care to the Fairmont area.”