MORGANTOWN, W.Va. — Our latest healthcare hero takes us to Ruby Memorial Hospital.

Dr. James Berry specializes in behavioral medicine, addiction and psychiatry. During the recent coronavirus pandemic, Berry said they worked hard to get ahead of the problem.

Berry mentioned that it was not only a privilege to work in addiction and mental health, but also a privilege to see these patients get better.

We were very vocal about trying to help everybody understand, ‘Listen, for those who are vulnerable for addiction and mental health problems, this is gonna exacerbate it all, and we have to be really, really careful and mindful of that.’  And, sure enough, what we’ve seen is just skyrocketing rates of addiction and, sadly, overdoses, risk of depression and other things that have really hurt people.”

Dr. James Berry

One positive that came from the pandemic, Berry said, was how it hastened along efforts to increase access to tele-medicine for patients.