MORGANTOWN, W.Va. – This week’s Healthcare Hero is Dr. William McBee at Mon Health Medical Center in Morgantown.  

Dr. McBee (Courtesy Mon Health Youtube)

Dr. McBee is a gynecologic oncologist and does surgery and chemotherapy for women with ovarian, uterine, cervical and other types of cancers. He spends three and a half days of his workweek in the Operating Room performing those surgeries. 

He uses two different types of surgeries during his operations — an “up and down incision” surgery, an intense surgery for the patient, and a Laparoscopic surgery which is a minimally invasive surgery that allows the patient to recover quickly.  

Dr. Mcbee said he more commonly does Laparoscopic surgery.  

“It’s outpatient surgery pretty much for everything, even cancer surgery that used to require you know five- or six-day hospital stays, do a big incision and high risk of wound issues and long rehabs,” Dr. McBee said. “Patients go home the same day and are pretty much back to their normal lives within a week or so as opposed to, you know, a six plus week recovery.” 

Dr. McBee during his practice (Courtesy Mon Health Youtube)

McBee said his job is the perfect mix of surgery and medicine because he’s able to follow patients for a long period of time and manage their whole cancer care. He said in gynecologic oncology, they cure a lot of patients but even when they can’t do that, they are always looking for wins such as getting them in remission even if it’s not going to last forever.  

He’s a Morgantown native, having attended Morgantown High School. He also went to West Virginia University for his undergraduate degree. He then left the state to do an OBGYN residency in Cleveland and followed with a fellowship in Pittsburgh. He finally found his way back to Morgantown in 2010 and has some special ties to the hospital.  

“I was gone for seven years while I was training, but my plan all along was to come back,” Dr. McBee said about his hometown. “I was actually born at Mon, it was Mon General then but at Mon Health, so that was my goal all along was to be able to get back here.” 

Dr. McBee said he doesn’t consider himself a healthcare hero, rather he considers himself a pretty average person who’s lucky enough to be able to do what he does.