FLEMINGTON, W.Va. – This week’s Healthcare Hero is the Flemington EMS squad.

Courtesy: Flemington Area EMS Facebook page

According to their Facebook page, The Flemington Area EMS is a completely volunteer service. They’ve been helping the community since 1985 and currently have 20 active members.  

Members of the Flemington EMS blocked off Simpson Road in front of the Flemington Elementary school for a Halloween parade. John Sparks, a Flemington EMT and Firefighter, said it’s good to get kids used to first responders so they aren’t scared of them.

John Sparks, Flemington EMT and Firefighter

“We’re here to serve the community, and basically, they pay for our services with the taxes and that kind of thing, so we like to get out and get kind of a personal relationship with some of them so that if they do call, you know, they see a face that they’re familiar with,” Sparks said.  

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