BRIDGEPORT, W.Va. – Stickers, balloons, superheroes and teeth cleaning-that was the experience kids received on Thursday at Wilson Martino Dental offices in north central West Virginia, thanks to their “Free Dental Day for Kids”.

“Any kids 12 and under can come in, get their cleanings done for free. Any work that we can work in the same day with the doctors, we try to work that in as well,” said Kristian Wentz, Office Manager at Wilson Martino Dental in Bridgeport.

A young patient at Wilson Martino Dental in Bridgeport receives a cape for getting his teeth cleaned

Any cavities, fillings or other simple work is included in the day.

“Whatever we can work in with the doctors today, like fillings, that’s the majority of what kids need, yeah, they’re covered at no cost for today.”

A dentist chair at Wilson Martino Dental Bridgeport

The event happens every year to give parents a break on the pocketbook and help kids get used to being at the dentist.

“That’s one of our biggest goals is to make sure that we can get the kids in here and get them comfortable, that way, they’re not scared to come back and see us.”

Little patients also got to meet two superheroes that exist in the world of dentistry.

“We have X-ray boy here today, and we also have Fluoride Girl, and they are walking around taking pictures with all the kids that come in.”

A picture of “Fluoride Girl” on the ceiling of the office

The dental office says the day is also about giving back to the community.

“We just really like to give back, help the community however we can, and this is a big part of how we do that.”

Kristian Wentz

While the day only comes around once a year, kids and their parents are happy to leave with clean teeth and fun experience.