BRIDGEPORT, W.Va. – Like many other care facilities, the pandemic has been rough for residents of the Bridgeport Health Care Center. However, Activities Director Susie Palmer has been working to make their time a little more bearable.

“These residents needed more attention because of the families not being here. So we did one-on-ones in rooms, we did music, we danced in the hallways, we do whatever we could to make them happy through all this quarantine,” said Palmer.

Palmer’s sister nominated her as a Healthcare Hero, telling us how she goes above and beyond for residents there after a 20-year career in the field. But if you ask Palmer, she points to a whole bunch of other heroes at the center.

“The residents and the other employees inside this building are heroes. We have in the last three months all pulled together as a team, made sure these residents were happy, making them smile,” said Palmer.

Palmer isn’t a nurse herself, and in fact has retired. But she stays on at the job, because she says there’s no way she could give it up.

“My heart’s with these people. I can’t leave. They’re my family, you know? Every day I work with them, every day, we’re with them every day. So yeah, they’re my family as long so that’s why I’m staying. I could leave and retire, but this is where my heart is,” Palmer said.

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