Randolph County 911/OEM officials are working with community members and businesses throughout the area to best prepare them for disasters within the county.  

Mountaineer Gas Company employees worked with 911/OEM Director Cindy Hart to learn more about what steps to take in the event of a major disaster.

“I want to make sure that everybody feels prepared and empowered to be able to take care of themselves.  It doesn’t tax the system, one, and two, it makes them be safe.”

Mountaineer Gas employees are needed during disaster events and preparing them for disaster could help put their minds at ease.

“It’s hard to do your job if you aren’t prepared at home and your focus is on home and you’re worried about your family.  Make sure to be able to take care of your family.  Then you can be able to focus on your job to help other people,” said Hart.

Officials say many times families are not prepared to deal with being out of water, gas, and electric and need to be prepared to stay in the home until emergency services can arrive.

“Most households are not prepared.  They may have the items, but they’re scattered throughout the house and this just organizes and gives them a list of things that they should have in their kit,” continued Hart.

Participants were given information about what to keep in an emergency 72-hour kit, how to best prepare for household animal needs, and how to alert authorities in case of a severe emergency.

“We work on the whole hazard.  You could have an elderly person live with you or a family member, you could have someone that’s disabled and they’re fortunate enough to live at home, but they have special needs that have to be met.  Make sure that you plan for that,” said Hart.