CLARKSBURG, W.Va. – The folks at Angi have released the results of a study they conducted into the Christmas decor trends of 2022 in each state.

According to Angi, “we were curious how holiday decorating practices differ across the U.S., so we surveyed 1,500 people about when and how they decorate their homes for the jolliest night of the year.”

The survey was conducted online through Pollfish between Oct. 7-13, targeting 30 people from each state for a total of 1,500 participants.

When answering how long it takes to prepare their home for the holidays, most respondents (53.8%) take three and six hours to hang their decorations, with only 14.27% reporting that they hire a professional Christmas light installer. “35.8% of people surveyed said they typically spend between $100 and $249 on Christmas decorations.”

So which results specify West Virginia?

36.9% of survey respondents, including West Virginia, prefer a family-friendly holiday display of snow people, bright lights and seasonal inflatables. As for a favorite holiday decor element, West Virginians joined the majority (28%) of people in preferring ornaments.

(Graphics courtesy of Angi)