CLARKSBURG, W.Va. – According to a survey conducted by, the average West Virginian job seeker’s resume is 46% comprised of false or embellished information in terms of their skills or qualifications.

On the national level, the survey found that the average national resume accuracy rate was 72%.

When analyzing specific industries, the percentage of accurate information on job seekers resumes held a wide gap between the least accurate resume at 34% and the most accurate at 90%.

These were the industries that the study looked at and their average resume accuracy:

  • Finance: 34%
  • Public Sector: 40%
  • I.T.: 42%
  • Energy: 50%
  • Media: 54%
  • Legal: 57%
  • Tourism: 60%
  • Engineering: 61%
  • Health: 63%
  • Retail: 68%
  • Hospitality: 70%
  • Education: 76%
  • Technology: 76%
  • Real Estate: 90% 

According to’s report, the most often lied about part of candidates’ resumes was their previous job titles at 25%. “15% said it would be their level of experience and another 15% said their education and qualification would likely be embellished.”

As for what colleges are most often lied about attending, 28% said Harvard; 18% said Stanford and another 18% said MIT. 15% said Yale while another 15% said Princeton; 3% said the University of Pennsylvania. A further 3% chose other colleges. 

To get their results,, a background check and screening solution company, asked 3,351 anonymous job seekers how accurate their resume was.

A map of each states’ average resume accuracy can be found below.

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