BELINGTON, W.Va. (WBOY) — Barbour County Schools warned on Wednesday that there was a chemical spill near Belington Elementary and Middle schools.

The announcement said that while the chemical is harmless people may notice a “distinctive odor” over the next several days. The chemical mercaptan, or methanethiol, is a colorless gas that is added to natural gas to make spills more detectable. It naturally occurs in the human body and is completely harmless to people, and in this case, the spill was only mercaptan and did not contain natural gas.

People in the Morgantown Pike area near the school may notice a smell of rotting cabbages, rotten eggs or smelly socks, but should not be concerned, according to the post.

“The schools will be carefully monitoring our systems the next couple days to ensure that they are safe,” said the announcement, and encourages residents in the area to do the same. School operations will not be affected as of now.

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