PHILIPPI W.Va.- The Philippi/Barbour County Regional Airport has received $22,000 from the American Rescue Plan.

The airport was one of nine in West Virginia to receive the money that is distributed through the United States Department of Transportation.

Senator Manchin announced on Oct. 28 that $4.5 million from the American Rescue Plan would be given to West Virginia Airports.

  • Philippi/Barbour County Regional Airport- $22,000
  • Logan County Airport- $22,000
  • Summersville Airport- $22,000
  • Braxton County Airport- $22,000
  • Jackson County Airport- $32,000
  • Mid-Ohio Valley Regional Airport- $59,000
  • Raleigh County Memorial Airport- $59,000
  • North Central West Virginia Airport- $1,206,028
  • West Virginia International Yeager Airport- $3,077,526

The funds are intended to provide economic relief and increase safety precautions during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Along with many other businesses, the Philippi/Barbour County Regional Airport has struggled as a result of the pandemic.

“When COVID was at its peak, there was very few people using the airport… yet the costs of maintaining it were still high. When your a small airport like we are and the revenues that regenerate are relatively small also, when you get any assistance like the $22,000, that’s pretty significant,” said Reg Trefethen, Secretary-treasurer Philippi/Barbour Airport Authority.

Out of the nine airports that receive this rescue money, West Virginia International Yeager Airport in Charleston tops the list at $3,077,526.