PHILIPPI, W.Va. (WBOY) — Philippi Out of Darkness hosted its inaugural “Walk with Us to Prevent Suicide” walk on Sunday to raise awareness for those who are of have struggled with suicide as well as to highlight prevention strategies.

Many local businesses and organizations participated in the walk, which was held at the Barbour County Courthouse.

Patty Delauder, walk chairperson, said, “It is very important for those who are going through the struggle and it’s very important to those who have, uh, lost someone. And uh, it’s to allow them to have their voices heard, and it’s also to allow those to, uh, share the memories and to remember those, um, that have, uh, died by suicide.”

Delauder also said she hopes this walk will build a bigger foundation for suicide awareness and prevention.

“Today, I hope that we can build a bigger foundation and start there by promoting the education, the resources and friendships, families, just be in support of our businesses who support those common people here in our neighborhood. So, that’s what I really hope to get out of this,” said Delauder.