Since the investigation into a police officer who was shot in Tazewell County, Virginia began those closest to the victim have maintained their silence.  This was due to the active investigation and search for the suspect in the case, Donquale Gray.  

Following the incident in Morgantown, where Gray was shot and killed while running from U.S. Marshals, Bluefield Virginia Police Chief, M. Shane Gunter, has now released a statement:

Since the night that I received the call that one of our officers had been shot and injured not a waking moment has passed that I haven’t hoped and prayed that the individual that attempted to kill one of our own would be found and apprehended without another law enforcement officer or civilian being hurt in the process.  Due to the relentless work and dedication of many law enforcement agencies the hunt for the attempted murderer has ended as I had hoped and prayed; without injury to another officer or innocent citizen.  Through all of this I am very thankful that our officer that was shot survived this cowardly act perpetrated against him and that he is recovering.   On behalf of our injured officer and our department I want to commend the work of the lead law enforcement agencies; the U.S. Marshal Service and Virginia State Police as well as the many other law enforcement agencies that dedicated officers, resources, and countless hours to track down this fugitive.  I also would like to express our appreciation to our local citizens, religious organizations, media, and well wishers from across the nation for their concern for our injured officer and our department as a whole.

                                                                               — M.Shane Gunter

Chief Gunter stated he could not comment further on the investigation which is being handled by Virginia State Police.