GARDEN CITY, SC (WBTW) – A Murrells Inlet couple is looking for someone who lost a bracelet with sentimental value on Garden City Beach that has some clues about who owns the piece of jewelry. 

Cary Nelson is a retired firefighter from Virginia, who started a new hobby last summer of taking his metal detector to the beach.

“I come out here usually three or four times a week, several hours at a time,” Nelson said.

Nelson says he usually finds coins or trash, but during a morning sweep on July 17, he found something much more expensive near the water next to The Pier at Garden City.

“It wasn’t connected at first and I could only see a little bit of it in the sand,” he said.

It was a Pandora bracelet with about 20 charms on it.

“Once I pulled it out, I was like, this is definitely something different and something that somebody really misses,” said Nelson.

Nelson sent a picture to his wife Dawn, who asked on Facebook for help finding the bracelet’s owner. The bracelet has some clues like a 30-year anniversary pendant, a grandma heart with an engraved message on the back and a West Virginia University Mountaineers charm.

The Nelsons say they want to return the valuable and sentimental piece of jewelry.

“Anywhere from $20 to $50 a charm, from what I can tell, plus the bracelet itself,” Nelson said. “Hopefully, we’ll find the person that it belongs to.”

Dawn Nelson’s Facebook post about the bracelet has gotten more than 17,000 shares.

Dawn Nelson asks that you send a private message to her on Facebook if you have any information about who the owner of the bracelet is.