It’s been more than a week since the Boston Marathon, a long, intense 26.2 mile race that just happened to have 40 West Virginia runners in the mix.

One of them was Meghan Flesher of Bridgeport. She has a running group on Saturdays that helped her prepare for the race, but some of her biggest support came from another group.

“Girls on the run is so much fun!,” chanted several from Simpson Elementary’s Girls on the Run team.

Meghan is a 5th grade math teacher at Simpson Elementary and a Girls on the Run Coach. She helps more than 20 young girls find their self esteem and self worth through the inspiring program, while also teaching them the power of running.

She needed all the inspiration she could get when she ran in Boston last week, proving to her team of young girls and to herself, she could conquer the most difficult test..

“So I feel like Boston excited you. It can disappoint you and it inspires you to want to work harder. It was an amazing experience. The crowds are amazing. The people who line Boston’s streets…its unbelievable,” explained Flesher of her experience running the Boston Marathon. 

Meghan’s running buddy for Bridgeport, Jimmy Cann, also ran the Boston Marathon with her.

Since she’s been home, she’s getting her girls on the run team ready for their first 5k race. It is their Celebration 5k on May 4.

For details on getting involved with the Girls on the Run Celebration 5k, visit