Mylan and West Virginia University are partnering to inspire West Virginia youth. 

The two institutions announced a 10 year collaboration. The collaboration is being supported by a $5 million charitable contribution from Mylan. 

The money will go toward developing and implementing a program that will expose children across West Virginia to STEM education. 

“I’ve been at Mylan for 26 years, and I still get excited when I can see the science, the technology, the way that a tablet or capsule that might be in your medicine chest gets made and so we have a great team within Mylan that works to help educate folks inside as well as folks outside so that they can understand a little bit more about how products are made,” said Leah Summers, Mylan Community Outreach and Engagement. 

The program will use 4-H infrastructure and WVU STEM outreach to reach all 55 counties in West Virginia. 

“We think that with Mylan scientists, with our faculty and with our students, we can really be all in in persuading our West Virginia youth that they can stay in West Virginia and they can make a difference,” said Joyce McConnell, WVU Provost. 

According to recent reports, West Virginia youth face some of the toughest obstacles in the country, including the state being ranked 39th in the country in terms of children’s overall well-being and one in four living in poverty. 

“And it’s about creating opportunity because the best way to get children to stay here is to have opportunities when they graduate and it’s a vicious cycle. Employers move to the states when they know they have workforce that can work for them and so it’s about creating the skill set and really transforming what our students can learn and therefore what they can offer future employees of the state,” said Heather Bresch, CEO of Mylan.