Tuscan Sun Spa and Salon: HCG Diet


Losing a pound or more a day – sounds too good to be true, right? Tuscan Sun Spa and Salon said it’s a reality through one of its programs.

“I would say it’s life-changing. It’s not just a diet – it’s a journey,” said Traci Bailey, R.N.

That journey begins with two steps: a monitored diet program combined with HCG injections to help you lose weight. 

“The HCG Diet is a very low-calorie diet, so it needs to be someone who is really ready to make a change. It’s not simple, but it’s extremely effective,” said Bailey.

By extremely effective, Bailey means fast results.

“Our clients do very well. On average, they lose a half pound to a pound per day. Our programs can be anywhere from 21 to 40 days, and we can do multiple rounds, depending on what the client’s desire or need is,” said Bailey.

HCG injections alone do not make you lose weight, but Tuscan Sun Spa said while decreasing your appetite, they keep you from losing muscle while you diet, which allows for a more pure fat loss. 

“This program can affect the hypothalamus gland, and therefore, increases metabolism. It is very restrictive, but we tell you exactly what you do. I think it’s so popular because it’s so fast and effective. It’s a good jump start,” said Bailey.

Clients come to Tuscan for weekly visits for support and guidance. 

“We’re successful when you succeed, so we always want to make sure that our clients do well. I can be the biggest cheerleader or the meanest coach. It’s an amazing thing to help someone look and feel better and just generally be happier.”

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