“All my life I’ve been an animal lover. They can’t ask for help, we have to take care of them, but they forget immediately what has happened to if they find a new home and you love them,” said volunteer Traci Nicholson.

18 years ago, Traci Nicholson started volunteering with the Humane Society of Harrison County. 

“Every time I walk in here, I get the feeling I was apart of what is being built here. Just knowing for a fact that where our funds go is always accountable and you see the results from it.”

She spends countless hours volunteering.

“Most of the time I find people to contribute or donate things that the shelters need.”

Most people know Traci, for the work she does in organizing the Annual Hogs for Dogs event.

“The Hogs for Dogs job never ends. It’s forever supporting the other bike events.  On our day all of the people that put on other bike runs come in, they donate prizes and volunteer.  My husband, Chuck, and I we ride on everything. To give back to the community that gives so much to us.”

Frankie Dennison, Harrison County Humane Society  said, “Hogs for Dogs is one of our largest events. Every year Traci and Chuck put in a ton of time for it.  It’s an amazing thing that they take on for this and it’s all in their free time.

Traci encourages others in the community to give back. 

“Just ask that you always remember to spay and neuter your pets.  Come volunteer here, it’ll make you a better person.”