MORGANTOWN W.Va – Sunday, Playworks hosted its 4th annual ‘Yes We Can , Ability Ride’  which provides bikes for children with disabilities. 

This program impacts the lives of children and their families. 

Variety the Children’s Charity and Playworks partnered to provide adaptive equipment to dozens of kids at the annual “Yes we can ability ride.”

Charles lavalle:
“The overall goal is to make these kids feel as special and as valued, and as treasured as we can, and then to give them the opportunities to have typical childhood experiences. Ride a bike, go in the stroller with grandma to the dairy queen,” said Charles Lavalle, CEO of Variety The Children’s Charity. 

Six communication devices, 16 adaptive bikes, and five adaptive strollers were given out at the event. 

Jaxson Postalwait just received his very first adaptive bike. 

Nicky postalwait:
“It’s going to change our life. He absolutely loves being outside and just doing all of the things little boys love to do. So we’ll be able to go on hikes and take it on trails, and just go outside in the yard with it,” said Nicky Postalwait, Jaxon’s mother. 

Antonette Dennis  received a “My Voice” communication device for her daughter.

“It will just be less frustrating for her and I and for us to have a better relationship with on another because there’s times where she’s asked me things and I don’t understand, because it’s all noises, and it’s all pointing, but I don’t know where she’s pointing. Also the biggest thing is that when she gets sick, I don’t know where she hurts,” said Dennis. 

The kids that received the equipment joined many others in a ride around the Playworks village. 

Since November of 2012, nearly 2 thousand adaptive bikes, adaptive strollers, and communication devices have been sponsored for eligible kids.

“When they get a chance to ride a bike, when they’ve never been able to do it before. Their joy, I have found, is transformative. If affects the rest of us, becuase they’re so happy, on something so basic,” said Lavalle. 

The equipment is available for many different income levels.

If you know someone who may be eligible to receive an adaptive bike find more information here.