ELKINS, W.Va. (WBOY) — A man and a woman are facing charges after deputies found suspected fentanyl, “gray death” and several other types of drugs during a traffic stop in Elkins on Friday.

According to the criminal complaints against them, it started when deputies were conducting surveillance of possible criminal activity near the High Life Lounge on Beverly Pike and saw a dark SUV that appeared to be trying to avoid officers.

Officers followed the vehicle until they ended up in the Walmart parking lot, and one officer was able to identify the driver as Brent Shiflett, 33, and the passenger as Megan Floyd, 30. That officer knew from previous encounters that neither of them had a driver’s license.

When officers approached the SUV, the seats were reclined and Shiflett and Floyd were inside. As officers began speaking with Shiflett, they felt he appeared nervous and asked him to get out of the vehicle.

They patted Shiflett down as he left the vehicle, and according to the complaint, Shiflett said he had a syringe in his pocket as well as some cash.

After his pat down, officers noticed a box and asked him what was inside. He “stated he ‘had a little weed in the box,'” according to the complaint. The officer did find a small amount of suspected marijuana inside the box, as well as several empty baggies.

As the search continued officers said they found a container with paper with the word “Panther” imprinted on it, which an officer recognized as paper commonly used for packaging heroin or fentanyl.

Two syringes then fell from the car’s console onto the floor, and when officers searched the console, they said they found another box, which contained:

  • Substances consistent with fentanyl, a substance commonly known as “gray death,” methamphetamine weighing about 50 grams, and “Spice.”
  • Bags of pills.
  • Three prescription Suboxone films.
  • Aluminum foil consistent with the way heroin is packaged for sale.

“Gray death” is heroin that has been cut with fentanyl and looks like chunks of concrete and “spice” is a synthetic cannabinoid.

Shiflett and Floyd were arrested and charged with possession with intent to deliver a controlled substance and conspiracy.

They are being held in the Tygart Valley Regional Jail on $25,000 cash-only bond.