GYPSY, W.Va. (WBOY) — The two people arrested Wednesday in connection to a drive-by shooting that happened in Gypsy, Harrison County last month are accused of conspiring in the lead-up to the deed, according to a criminal complaint.

The complaint against 19-year-old Brandon Limberick claims that text messages on 19-year-old Abigail Nestor’s phone show Limberick texting Nestor about “an altercation between himself and an unidentified male” in which they “exchanged words.” Texts from Limberick said the “male did not know who he was messing with,” and that he was going to get his “pole,” according to the complaint.

West Virginia State Police say “pole” is slang used by criminals to refer to a firearm.

Nestor then told Limberick that the “unidentified male was outside of her house” and asked Limberick to return to her residence, the complaint says; Limberick then told her to “advise the unidentified male to come his direction when he returned.”

Limberick was identified as the person who fired multiple rounds into a 2nd Street home on May 19, the complaint alleges. No injuries were reported.

Kacy Lawlis

A different criminal complaint against Kacy Lawlis alleges that Limberick texted Nestor just prior to the shots being fired, saying that Lawlis would pick Nestor up from her residence. Lawlis admitted to picking Nestor up from the house early in the morning on May 20.

Lawlis was charged with second degree Punishment of Principles and accessories before and after the fact because troopers say she “was aware of what had occurred and knowingly picked up Abigail from her residence as well as knowingly provided false statements” during the investigation. Lawlis was no longer listed in West Virginia’s online jail database as of June 1.

Limberick was charged with one count of wanton endangerment involving a firearm and one count of conspiracy to inflict injury to persons or property for allegedly conspiring with Nestor.

Troopers say that Limberick was previously arrested for first degree robbery and malicious wounding in Morgantown back in January 2023 and that Limberick and Lawis “are co-conspirators” in an investigation from February 2023 in Monongalia County.

Nestor and Limberick are both being held in the North Central Regional Jail, Nestor on $10,000 bail and Limberick on $35,000 surety/cash bail.