FAIRMONT, W.Va. – Two Michigan men have been arrested on drug charges after task force officers said they sold drugs criminal informants, resulting in more drugs being found during the search of a Fairmont apartment.

Kevin Jarrett Jr.

On January 21, task force officers utilized a criminal informant to purchase heroin from a male known as “Six,” according to a criminal complaint. The complaint stated “Six” had previously been identified as Kevin Jarrett Jr., 29, of Detroit, Michigan.

The complaint stated Jarrett solicited a ride from the CI so he could conduct a wire transfer to a subject in the Detroit area. Officers said that once the wire transfer was completed, Jarrett engaged in conversation with the CI, in which Jarrett provided details of the drug trafficking operation he was involved in.

Task force officers said the CI was directed to park in the area of Floral Avenue in Fairmont and Jarrett stated he would send someone out to deliver drugs to the CI. The CI was eventually directed to the area of 6th Street and Walnut Avenue by Jarrett, where he was met by an unknown male who delivered a quantity of heroin/fentanyl mixture to the CI in exchange for cash.

Leroy Charleston

On February 10, task force officers utilized a CI to purchase a quantity of fentanyl from Leroy Charleston, 37, also of Detroit, Michigan, according to the complaint.

The following day, on February 11, task force officers executed a search warrant at an apartment on Locust Avenue in Fairmont. During the search, Jarrett was found in possession of a phone that officers knew due to previous knowledge matched the phone number of a phone used to arrange drug transactions, according to the complaint. Task force officers also said they located a large quantity of methamphetamine in the vicinity of the apartment, near an outdoor stairway adjacent to the only door of the apartment.

Task force officers said the methamphetamine was packaged in a plastic shopping bag with digital scales and razor blades. Additionally, task force officers stated they had conducted surveillance on the apartment prior to controlled buys made by criminal informants at the direction of officers.

Jarrett and Charleston have each been charged with delivery of fentanyl, conspiracy to violate drug laws and possession with intent to deliver methamphetamine, according to court documents. Both men are currently being held at North Central Regional Jail and their bail has been set at $100,012.