Two Marion County men have been arrested and charged due to their involvement with a murder in Marion County on Tuesday, according to police.

The Marion County Sheriff’s Department arrested James Vincent, 29, of Fairmont and Russell Kirk, 36, of Fairmont on murder charges following their involvement in the murder of Luka Grabb in Fairmont on Tuesday, according to court documents.

On the night of Monday, September 24 through the morning hours of Tuesday, September 25, Kirk provided Vincent with a recording of Grabb planning a robbery against Vincent, police said. According to deputies, Vincent then invited Grabb to his residence on Dally Drive in Fairmont to confront him in regards to the recording. When Grabb arrived to the residence, both Kirk and Vincent were present, with Kirk to act as backup for Vincent, police said. During the confrontation that followed, Vincent pulled a gun and shot Grabb multiple times. 

Grabb was removed from the scene, and his body was dropped off on Pinchgut Hollow Road in Fairmont where he later succumbed to his injuries, deputies said.

James Vincent was arrested and charged with first degree murder. Russell Kirk was arrested and charged with accessory before the fact to first degree murder.