ELKINS, W.Va. – Two men have been arrested after officers said they found drugs and two loaded guns in their vehicle during a traffic stop in Elkins.

Joshua Raines

On Tuesday, officers with the Elkins Police Department were patrolling the area of Davis Avenue in Elkins when they conducted a traffic stop on a vehicle. Officers said they approached the vehicle and made contact with the passenger, Joshua Raines, 35, of Elkins, who they were aware had a positive warrant out for his arrest for second offense shoplifting in Barbour County. Raines was previously arrested in Elkins in May when officers said they located drugs, money a gun and ammunition in his vehicle during a traffic stop.

Andrew Rockaway

The driver of the vehicle was then identified as Andrew Rockaway, 30, of Dryfork, according to court documents. Officers said Rockaway appeared to be very nervous and was trembling. When asked if there were anything in the vehicle that officers needed to know about, Rockaway told police he could not remember if there was a gun inside the vehicle or not.

Officers said they then observed a glass smoking device in a black tape case shoved in between the driver’s seat and the center console and a a bong-style smoking device in the driver’s side door. Police then asked Raines and Rockaway to exit the vehicle to conduct a search and noticed a black and white backpack between Raines’ legs that he tried to bring out of the vehicle when he exited.

Officers then searched the backpack and found 19 .40 caliber bullets, 3 empty clear plastic bags and a clear plastic bag containing a substance consistent with methamphetamine, according to the criminal complaint.

Upon further search of the backpack, officers said they located a metal container which contained a large amount of a substance consistent with methamphetamine, a black handgun with one round chambered and a fully loaded magazine and two cell phones. Raines then told police that the items inside the backpack belonged to him, according to court documents.

The criminal complaint then stated that officers continued the search of the vehicle and found a bag containing a bunch of smaller bags and another handgun with one round chambered and additional rounds in the magazine. Officers then retrieved both of the smoking devices they spotted earlier, according to the criminal complaint. Rockaway told police that the gun inside the vehicle belonged to him and that he had purchased it within 12 hours prior to the traffic stop and forgot it was in the vehicle.

Officers said the total weight of the methamphetamine found in the vehicle was 99.2 grams.

Both Raines and Rockaway have been charged with possession with intent to deliver a controlled substance and conspiracy to commit a felony, according to court documents. Both men are being held at Tygrat Valley Regional Jail.