CLARKSBURG, W.Va. (WBOY) — Two people have been charged after allegedly breaking into a home in Harrison County and shooting a “family dog.”

On Nov. 8, deputies with the Harrison County Sheriff’s Department received information that two people had “conspired together to enter a residence” on Factory Street in Summit Park, according to a criminal complaint.

On that date, Gary Arbogast, 35; and Lisa Nutter, 34, both of Jane Lew, “forced themselves” into the residence “after the occupant attempted to close a garage door unsuccessfully,” deputies said.

Deputies noted that when Arbogast and Nutter entered the residence, they had a gun, and Nutter “went into another room where she grabbed hold of a dog” and got into an argument with one of the home’s residents, according to the complaint.

During that argument, Nutter “directed [Arbogast] to shoot the dog,” and he “drew a firearm and pointed it in the face” of the resident of the home and then “shot and killed” the family dog who lived there, deputies said.

After fatally wounding the dog, Arbogast and Nutter went back to the garage and “fired an additional round into the fuel tank of a parked motorcycle” and then walked outside and “fired an additional round into the air,” according to the complaint.

From there, Arbogast and Nutter “got into a vehicle and fled the scene,” during which time, they “fired an additional round toward” another victim “while he was in a vehicle,” deputies said.

Arbogast and Nutter have been charged with burglary, conspiracy to commit a felony, maliciously killing an animal and two counts of wanton endangerment with a firearm. Arbogast is being held in North Central Regional Jail, but Nutter is currently out on bond.