FAIRMONT, W.Va. — Two people have been charged after officers found two infants living in “deplorable conditions” in a residence in Fairmont.

On July 20, officers with the Fairmont Police Department were called to assist Child Protective Services with a well-being check taking place at a residence on 4th Street in Fairmont on two infants, according to a criminal complaint.

During the investigation, officers came into contact with the infants, as well as Samantha Campbell, 23; and Devin Williams, 24, both of Fairmont, officers said.

While CPS workers performed their check, officers observed “the two children to have been covered in filth and wearing nothing but diapers … covered in filth and hadn’t been changed for an extended period of time,” according to the complaint.

Officers noted that “the conditions of the residence were deplorable,” and that there was “human/animal feces” scattered on the floor throughout the residence, as well as dishes “filled with rotting food” on the floors, officers said.

There were also knives and other sharp utensils “within reach of the children,” and “one officer had to remove a knife from one of the children while on scene,” according to the complaint.

Officers also observed “hundreds of spent cigarette butts” and a plastic container inside of which “appeared to be a ‘stem’ which is used to smoke illicit substances,” as well as a “used diaper which appeared to be half-eaten,” officers said.

The bathroom “had feces scattered over the floor,” as well as a litter box “filled with used diapers,” according to the complaint.

Officers observed no “area in the house where the two children could have been properly cared for,” and “all of the children’s items were covered in filth and had trash around them,” officers said.

As a result of the incident, CPS took custody of the two children, according to the compaint.

Campbell and Williams have been charged with child neglect. They are being held North Central Regional Jail on $30,012 bond.