MORGANTOWN, W.Va. — Two people have been charged after officers found drugs during a traffic stop in Morgantown.

On Dec. 21, officers with the Morgantown Police Department conducted a traffic stop on a Jeep Grand Cherokee without a registration tag and driving without headlights at the intersection of Kirk Street and University Avenue in Morgantown, according to a criminal complaint.

Emily Bush

When officers made contact with the driver, identified as Emily Bush, 31, of Cumberland, Maryland, they informed her for the reason of the stop and asked her to provide her information, officers said.

While searching for her information, Bush informed officers that “it was not in the car and she can’t find it,” and when asked whose car she was driving, she told officers that it belonged to the passenger, Markum Boyd, 34, of Morgantown, according to the complaint.

Markum Boyd

After receiving Boyd’s information, he told officers that “the car belonged to his sister”; officers asked Bush and Boyd to exit the vehicle and then read them their Miranda rights, officers said.

When officers told Boyd and Bush they could “smell marijuana coming from the car,” Boyd stated that “they did ‘smoke in the car earlier’,” which gave officers probable cause for a search, according to a criminal complaint.

A search of the car and and Bush’s person resulted in officers locating 5.6 grams of marijuana, 33.9 grams of crack rock cocaine, 8.4 grams of cocaine and 56.8 grams of methamphetamine, officers said.

Bush and Boyd have been charged with possession with intent to deliver a controlled substance. They are being held in North Central Regional Jail.