SHINNSTON, W.Va. — Two people have been charged after Shinnston Police find evidence of drug sales while reviewing cell phone data.

Cathy Ewers

On Nov. 1, officers with the Shinnston Police Department were reviewing data received from a cell phone which they had received as the result of a warrant, according to a criminal complaint.

The cell phone’s carrier, Cathy Ewers, 47, of Shinnston, had “numerous conversations on different text messaging applications which were directly related to unlawful distribution of controlled substances,” officers said.

In those messages, Ewers and another individual, David Smith, 32, of Shinnston, identified themselves; officers were also able to learn about “selling/buying prices, meeting locations, the trading of goods or other illegal drugs, the name and/or street name of the substances, and contacts with co-conspirators,” as a result of Ewers’ phone data, according to the complaint.

Ewers and Smith have been charged with possession with intent to deliver a controlled substance.