Two Pittsburgh men have been arrested in Harrison County after police recovered over $1,600 in cash and five and a half bricks of heroin during a traffic stop.

Officers with the Bridgeport Police Department said they conducted a traffic stop on I-79 northbound at mile marker 123 near the rest area for a traffic violation. According to police, the vehicle failed to stay in its lane on two occasions before coming back into its original lane. 

Officers said the driver of the vehicle, Zachary Taylor, stated that he picked up the two other passengers in the vehicle, Raimonte Gaston, 26, of Pittsburgh, and Tayshawn Blair, 24, of Pittsburgh from a gym in Clarksburg and was giving them a ride to an unknown location. Police also said that Taylor admitted to giving Gaston and Blair rides before, and gave officers written consent to search the vehicle.

Police said that deputies with the Harrison County Sheriff’s Department arrived on scene, and deployed a dog to conduct a free air sniff around the vehicle, which resulted in a positive alert. Officers found $1,622.00 in cash in Gaston’s jacket pocket, which consisted of mainly smaller bills with a rubber band around it, according to police.

Officers also said that they found a money order for $300.00 that was sent to Blair in the back seat of the vehicle. According to police, Blair had a red drawstring bag on his back, and two cell phones in his hands. Police said that a search of the drawstring bag resulted in the discovery of five and a half “bricks” of heroin with “Call of Duty” printed on each individual stamp. Blair also had $294.00 in cash on his person,

Gaston has been charged with conspiracy to commit a felony, and Blair has been charged with possession with intent to deliver a controlled substance and conspiracy to commit a felony.