FAIRMONT, W.Va. — Two women have been charged as a result of a physical altercation in a parking lot near a library in Marion County.

On July 21, officers with the Fairmont Police Department responded to a call of an altercation taking place in the parking lot near the Marion County Public Library, according to a criminal complaint.

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Bryanna Leeson

When officers arrived, they found Dorothy Deane-Hall, 31, of Fairmont; and Bryanna Leeson, 29, of Manninton, involved in “a physical altercation” in a parking lot on Corbin Place, officers said.

Leeson and Deane-Hall were then detained, but before Deane-Hall was placed into a police cruiser, she told officers to “check the car wheel” … “[Leeson] just put the dope in the car wheel,” and when officers checked the wheel well where they located two packages containing a white powder substance, according to the complaint.

After receiving her Miranda statement, Leeson told officers that “Deane-Hall is accusing [her] of stealing several personal items,” and that Deane-Hall confronted her over that issue and “started a physical altercation with her,” officers said.

During the fight, Deane-Hall took Leeson’s cell phone and told her “the only way she’d give the phone back was if her property was returned or Leeson got her a gram of heroin,” according to the complaint.

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Dorothy Deane-Hall

Leeson then told officers she “went to a friend’s house and got a gram of heroin” and returned to give it to Deane-Hall, at which point a second fight occurred and that was when officers were called, officers said.

During the same interview, Leeson told officers that she “placed the controlled substance in the rim of the vehicle” and that “she retrieved the heroin with the intentions of giving it to Deane-Hall to settle the argument,” according to the complaint.

When officers spoke to Deane-Hall, she stated that she had accused Leeson of stealing her property several days prior, and that she had confronted Leeson near the bus station on Jackson Street in Fairmont, according to a criminal complaint.

Officers learned that Deane-Hall had “wrapped her arm around Leeson’s neck, continued by punching [her] several times and then took the phone off of Leeson,” and when officers observed Leeson, they noticed “red marks present on Leeson’s neck,” officers said.

After searching Deane-Hall’s person, officers found the phone which Leeson had claimed was hers, according to the complaint.

Leeson has been charged with delivery of a controlled substance. She is being held in North Central Regional Jail.

Deane-Hall has been charged with robbery. She is being held in North Central Regional Jail.