FAIRMONT, W.Va. (WBOY) — Three people were charged after CPS removed four children who “very seldom had food or baths” from a home where the “entire residence was deplorable” and abuse allegedly took place.

According to a criminal complaint, on Aug. 31, Child Protective Services went to a home on Bunner Ridge Road in Fairmont to remove children as part of an ongoing investigation. Photos taken by CPS workers and given to the Marion County Sheriff’s Department showed that the entire residence had “garbage, dog feces, and clothes all over the floor,” and that “used toilet paper was stacked up in the bathroom,” deputies said.

Criminal complaints said that at least four children—an infant, 6-year-old, 8-year-old and 9-year-old—were removed from the home and that they were “covered from head to toe with dirt,” and that “there was dirt matted between their toes, toenails, hands, neck and face.”

The complaint said that there was no food in the house and that the children “very seldom received baths or food.” CPS workers reported that one of the children kept Pop-Tart crumbs from school in his pocket. “After eating some of the crumbs, he would put the rest in his pocket and eat later,” the complaint said.

Tonya Satterfield, 37, Leonard Satterfield, 35, and Kristen Walker, 29, all of Fairmont, were each charged with four counts of child neglect creating risk of injury by a parent, guardian or custodian in the case.

Leonard Satterfield is also charged with three counts of child abuse creating risk of injury. According to the criminal complaint against him, the 8-year-old child “was reported to have marks on his stomach, back, and side from being hit with a belt and burned with cigarettes.”

The 9-year-old said during a forensic interview that Leonard would punish him by “having him stand against the wall on his tippy toes with nails under his heels” or “filling up a bathtub with cold water and ice and making him sit in it,” deputies said. The child showed deputies a scar on his foot and said it was from the nails, the complaint said.

The 6-year-old told deputies Leonard “‘lets us starve’ and that it makes him feel sad,” and that “he gets whipped with switches, belts, and hands on his butt and head,” according to the complaint.

Deputies recorded that the children also told them that Leonard had busted a window and that glass had landed on the infant.

According to the complaint against Walker, she “has not intervened and has allowed the minor children to live in the residence and receive neglect and abuse by Leonard Satterfield III without reporting abuse.”

All three suspects are being held in North Central Regional Jail. Tonya Satterfield and Kristin Walker have bail listed at $40,012; Leonard Satterfield does not have a bail listed on the West Virginia Division of Corrections website as of 2 p.m. on Thursday.