3 people arrested on drug charges after troopers say they witnessed a drug deal

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Three people have been arrested on drug charges after troopers said they witnessed a drug deal outside of a Fairmont restaurant.

On Tuesday, February 19, troopers with the West Virginia State Police were patrolling the area from the Enterprise Rental Center in White Hall. Troopers said they witnessed a vehicle pull around the back of the 3 Ways Inn restaurant, stop, turn their lights off and wait for a minute or two. Troopers then said they witnessed a white male come from around the restaurant and walk up to the rear driver’s side window of the vehicle.

Troopers observed the man stay by the vehicle for approximately 3 minutes and leave, before returning to the 3 Ways Inn restaurant, according to a criminal complaint. Troopers then said they witnessed the vehicle’s lights turn back on and pull out of the restaurant parking lot.

Believing they had just witnessed a drug transaction, troopers said they followed the vehicle and performed a traffic stop on it in the parking lot of the nearby Wilson Ford Dealership.

Upon approaching the vehicle, troopers identified four individuals in the vehicle including a man in the rear driver’s seat, identified as Brent Waddell II, a woman in the rear passenger’s seat, identified as Keisha Thomas and the driver, identified as Jewelie George.

Troopers said they asked George to exit the vehicle, and upon performing a pat-down for weapons, located a meth smoking pipe in her front pocket. Troopers then secured George and approached the rear driver’s side door. At this time, additional law enforcement officers arrived on scene, according to troopers.

Troopers said they then asked Waddell to exit the vehicle and while doing so, noticed Thomas appear to conceal something on her right side as she moved, avoiding plain view from law enforcement. Troopers escorted Thomas from the vehicle, where they said they observed two bags containing a large amount of meth. A pat-down for weapons was then performed on Thomas by troopers, according to a criminal complaint. Troopers said it was later discovered that Thomas had existing warrants out for her arrest from the Monongalia County Sheriff’s Department and the Fairmont Police Department.

The fourth passenger, a woman that was in the front passenger seat, was then escorted from the vehicle.

Troopers then searched the vehicle and located scales, needles, cash and a plastic container that held a large amount of meth near where Waddell was seated, according to a criminal complaint. Troopers said they also located two large bags of meth underneath where Thomas was seated.

Troopers said that further statements and evidence on scene revealed that Waddell and Thomas were picked up by George at the Morgantown Hotel and taken to 3 Ways Inn for the sole purpose of delivering meth.

Waddell, Thomas and George were all charged with possession with intent to deliver a controlled substance.

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