CLARKSBURG, W.Va. – Following an investigation by the Harrison County Sheriff’s Department and U.S. Postal Inspectors, a Clarksburg man is facing a number of felony charges related to selling drugs that were shipped in, by mail, from California.

The charges come stem from an investigation that began with the July arrest of another Clarksburg man. In that incident, sheriff’s deputies arrested Jacob Ritter, 22, after a traffic stop. During the stop, deputies found various THC products and marijuana packaged for sale. They also looked at Ritter’s cellphone and found evidence that he was selling narcotics, which he was getting through the mail from out of state.

Deputies then served a search warrant on a home on S. 22nd Street, in Clarksburg, where they found guns, drug sales ledgers, THC vape cartridges and edibles, Xanax bars and marijuana packaging materials, court documents detailed. They also found shipping labels, which showed that the materials were coming from California, the court documents said.

While executing the search warrant, deputies learned that some items had been taken out of the home to hide them from law enforcement, they said. The deputies’ investigation then led them to a home on West Pike Street, also in Clarksburg.

There, deputies first talked with home’s owner, who told them that her stepson, Dominic Sabatelli, 36, had called her asking if a package had been delivered and if police had been to the house, according to criminal complaints.

Sabatelli then showed up to pick up the package and said that “it must be car parts,” his complaints said. A sheriff’s department K9 sniffed the package, alerting that it contained possible narcotics, deputies stated.

Sabatelli then told deputies that he had taken “a box” from Ritter’s house at the request of Ritter’s mother. He said he did not know what was in the box and invited deputies into his garage to see the box. Deputies then found four boxes that “obviously contained illegal substances,” which were seized, the criminal complaint said. Upon further inspection, deputies found around 150 Xanax bars, 1.5 pounds of marijuana, 155 THC vape cartridges, 46 psilocybin mushroom candy bars, 48 THC vape pens and 28 THC edible products, which combined with the substances found at Ritter’s home, are valued at more than $48,000, according to court documents.

At this point, Sabatelli admitted to deputies that he had filled a green money bag with “about $1,000” that he found in Ritter’s bedroom and gave it to Ritter’s mother. Deputies asked Ritter’s mother for the bag, which turned out to contain $5,000 in $20 bills, they said.

Several days later, a U.S. Postal Inspector reported to deputies that a 15 pound package was delivered to Sabatelli’s home on West Pike Street. Investigators have not been able to locate that package, but based on a $8,925 order they found on Ritter’s phone, believe that it contained three pounds of marijuana, 50 THC cape cartridges and THC edibles, court documents.

Sabatelli is charged with conspiracy to transport Alprazolam(Xanax) in the state, conspiracy to transport psilocybin into the state, two counts of conspiracy to transport THC into the state, possession with intent to deliver THC/marijuana, possession with intent to deliver Alprazolam,