WEST UNION, W.Va. — Doddridge County Commissioner Ronnie Travis is facing felony embezzlement charges for allegedly taking money from his employer, according to a criminal complaint.

On June 25, troopers with the West Union detachment of the West Virginia State Police received a call regarding an embezzlement at Napa Auto Parts in West Union, according to a criminal complaint.

The store’s owner told troopers that Travis, who was the manager of the West Union store, “had been embezzling money” from the store, troopers said.

On July 3, troopers spoke with Travis in an interview regarding the embezzlement complaints against him, according to the criminal complaint.

Upon speaking with Travis, he told troopers that “he had been embezzling funds from the Napa Auto in West Union,” for two to three weeks, troopers said.

During the interview, Travis stated that “he was feeling as if he was not appreciated” and that he was not “adequately compensated for his work,” according to the complaint.

Travis would “return overstocked merchandise” and then “sign fraudulent names to the return invoices,” and during operating hours, Travis said he would “take the money from the returns from the register and put it in his pocket,” troopers said.

Troopers reviewed surveillance footage from the store from the dates of May 17 through June 25 and observed 13 transactions being performed by Travis without any customers being present in the store nor any visible cash being exchanged; the total monetary value for those transactions was $1,270.94, according to the complaint.

Travis was arrested on September 13. He has been charged with felony embezzlement and is currently out on bond.

Due to Travis’ connection to the prosecuting attorney’s office and court system in Doddridge County, a special prosecutor from Ritchie County has been appointed to handle the case. Ritchie County Magistrate David Haugh is currently presiding over court proceedings, according to the Ritchie County Magistrate’s office.